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GOOOOOOD Morning gang...
Ok so one would think that like the rest of us my world is full enough yes?...well I shared with you I was invited to be the personal trainer to the local WXII12 news crew, and the biggest reason I accepted the opportunity was to see how it could HELP US HELP OTHERS!!! So after a week of planning, tolling things around in my head, lots of amazing dreams ( one in which Jon and I had an actual conversation !!!!) I have reached a place where I now know what part of my calling is...
I am putting together a Team of current Blazeman Warriors ( those from all over the USA who wish to be a part of this) as well as those looking to become true Blazeman Warriros and volunteer time and resources to help me accomplish this goal!!!..I AM GOING TOP HOLD hold one of the most awesome ALS Fundraising events ever!!!!...
Beginning January 1, 2012- My goal is going  to complete 50 (Half-Iron or Iron distance Triathlons) in ALL 50 states, over the next 5 a quick brainstorm event recap looks like this ( 1 race per month in one state of my choosing..planning is crucial with
EVENT DURATION Jan 1, 2012-Dec 7, 2017.... (Dec 7th was the day Rosemary passed from ALS)
50 states
50 triathlons
5 years till I turn 50 (November 2017)
$1000 per state or
$50,000 for the ALS FOUNDATION!!!!!
Now I am working closely with the TV people to try and organize this event so that it is a HUGE success...I have massed so many volunteers, and people all over the USA who want to help...and we are just getting started....I have 7 months worth of planning before kickoff...but I wanted you to know that I cannot remember being so excited about the possibility of bringing SO MUCH AWARENESS TO THE ALS FOUNDATION and to help get the word raise awareness, help bring funds in and help others live...
I guess I just wanted to share with you to let you know I am NEVER going to STOP until we hear those words..."I am an ALS Survivor!"
Thank you for giving me such an opportunity to GIVE and to DO something for others!!!  There is no greater purpose in life than to remind others that they do indeed matter!!!
All my Love
your ALS Blazeman Warrior Princess

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