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Hey there,


My name is Matt Tibaldi.  I'm currently in my first year with Team Blazeman.  Wanted to post this to try to open up a discussion and get some ideas about how to fundraise or get people to sponsor the cause for your race.


Just a bit about my background.  I ended up fundraising during this past September's Ironman Syracuse 70.3, and was able to raise a good amount, but I attribute any success I had to having incredibly supportive people in my life, and not so much to having good fundraising ideas.


This year, I'm looking to race with a team of 4 people at Ironman Pocono Mountains 70.3.  The plan right now is to see if we can possibly attract a sponsor as a team, or combine our efforts and fundraise as a team. 


I was curious if anyone can share some ideas that have worked for them in the past that have helped them fundraise or attain sponsors for Team Blazeman, or even a different organization, that we can possibly use this year.  Would be very appreciative of any suggestions. 


Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you soon.


All the best,


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That's a great idea I was going to try and make the Pocono race but ended up selecting the USTA Mid-Atlantic Championship (Ironman) as the race director Bob V. is a huge support of the Blazeman Foundation. This past year one way my wife and I raised funds and awareness was thru a bracelet she designed. I am working with a friend to see about a large corporate golf outing in the Baltimore area as a possible way to grow both the awareness and donations. I was previously in the Organ and Tissue recovery field and had a golf outing for one of the donor families and we were able to sell it out every year.


I'm not an expert at the "fund raising" market but think alot of it is based on a couple of factors. Leverage the relationships you have and tell everyone about your mission. Ask them if they can help or how they think they can help as you never know who they know. It comes to do communication and getting the word out...your passion and commitment have to be felt and heard.


Jon moves me and inspires me everyday...I NEVER let an opportunity go to tell his story. I am so often asked wow you do did you get into that? The door is open...


I would love to share ideas with you as with Team Blazeman we can accomplish more I think working together...


Todd Jennings

Blazeman Warrior

Todd, hello.  Late with the reply, real late, but I will be more consistent with checking into this site from here on.


Unfortunately my team fundraising idea fell through, due to people dropping out of the race, and an injury on my part, wasn't sure if I was going to be able to finish my race this weekend at IM Pocono Mountains 70.3.  Going to give it a go anyway, and see if I can roll across the finish line, hopefully if anything, raise some awareness. 


I would love to share ideas.  I have my first Ironman coming up next August in Mont Tremblant, and I'm certainly looking for ways to fundraise there. Looks as if you have had some great, successful ideas already, so I look forward to further discussing some more strategies with you.


My email is  Always feel free to contact me, and I hope we'll be in talks.


Thanks Todd, all the best








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