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Gelrilla Grip Announces $4.00 of every order will be donated to WarOnALS

I am the president of Lyramid, LLC, the makers of the new and exciting product, The Gelrilla Grip. The Gelrilla Grip is a fast and effective alternative to using electical tape or a Bento Box to store your energy gels during long training or events. As a supporter of the Blazeman Foundation and the fight against ALS, we have recently setup a coupon code to donate $4.00 of every order to the waronals and to also give buyers $1.00 off their purchase.

We have actively supported the waronals in our ads in Triathlete Magazine and at all the events that we attend. The WarOnALS logo is also on our Racing Jersey's. I wore Jon's number during Ironman New Orleans and my brother Rodney is an active and vocal supporter of WarOnALS. In speaking with blazedad and blazemom in Kona, I decided to pursue a more active role in the fight against ALS. Our family recently lost a close and long time friend to the disease and it is now my goal to bring even more awareness to the disease.

I designed the Gelrilla Grip after an event in 2007 because I was tired of removing the sticky residue of electical tape and energy gels from my bike when the races were over.

Please visit our website, to see a video on how the product works and use coupon code waronals to receive the discount and we will donate an additional $4.00 of every order to WarOnALS. Please email me at if you have any questions.

The waronals coupon code is for use by anyone, so please feel free to forward the information as needed.


Bradley K. Ward
Lyramid, LLC

blazeman warrior

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Brad...spoke with two athletes using the system for the first time at IMFL...they both state, "so far their expierience has been positive"...thought you'd like to know.
Live on the sceen at IMFL...Scott passed the final MD interview this a.m., OK'ed to participate...great news, hopefully second triathlete to put a face on ALS...Freedom.

To the better looking Bro...says he!
blazedad...jon's dad.

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