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Believe...Pick a stronger word than Hope...Cure.

The -blazeman in a rarely seen note, his "reflections" on ALS and where he was in his life at that time!!!

Dear Kevin, "Mackinnon"...

First off, I want to apologize for not getting to you sooner. I want to Thank YOU for your time and effort spent with my Dad, the Vigorman, and the War on ALS. My days are now knowingly numbered and they too often suck... this WAR, is all I've got left in me. So the story goes...

I began doing Triathlons back in 1985 and never looked back... to keep a long story short, Kona 2005 was a very bitter sweet day for me. I was a veteran Triathlete with a sub 10 hour Ironman in me. Prior to Kona, my last race race was in October of 2003. I was a full time teacher with a part time job at REI and I then began working on my Master's degree in night school... which pretty much brought my training to a complete hault. In my spare time I began building a new Campy Record equipped Tri-Bike with custom paint by Joe Bell. So, in 2004, the belly grew as I was under the careful care of Dr. Ben & Jerry... knowing that when the Master's was done in the summer of 2005, Ironman training and vacations were on like Donkey Kong. From January through May 2nd, 2005, the shit kept hitting the fan and my last jog was 1.5 miles up a mountain in March. I moved back home in the summer and got into Kona in late August... daily barffing up more vitamins than training miles. I pretty much only trained for Ironman the week NBC showed up at my door to shoot film in late September. I spent my time building a website and taking anti anxiety drugs to keep my head above water realizing that... like The Man said about his loss to the Grip back in 89' (the ending of my life) was wrong... no ALS Patient wants to go out like this, and still after all these years, they've got no choice. So, I BUILT A WAR after the movie BRAVEHEART...

I thank you again and I look forward to being alive and seeing you in KONA real soon...

In Strength & Honor 
ALS Warrior Poet

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In 2007 IMWC...NBC... WTC tribute, where they said goodbye to the -blazeman and expressed the hope that maybe someday there would be a cure and that Jon's Foundation would be involved to this we are dedicated...and so we "warrior on"...through Team Blazeman...and with you...and we thank you!!!

The "World Triathlon Corporation" joins Jon's appeal for a cure, "that one researcher"... 5.55-(in) to 7:25-(out)... ...   

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