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Anyone have an opinion on entry-level wetsuits? Orca Equip? Xterra Vortex? NeoSport? Ironman Pursuit? Love to get your thoughts.

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Just an update for those interested. I looked at a variety of wetsuits before settling on an eBay listing of an Orca Equip suit for $150. It has thus far been a great purchase for me. It runs small and tight but not too tight. I still feel that I have a full range of motion in the arms and comfortable across the chest. My only complaint would be the rash I get on the back of my neck. This certainly is common in wetsuits so I have been very happy with my purchase thus far.
I have NeoSport - 5/3mm Womens SPRINT Fullsuit (the ocean was 56 degrees on my last tri in Sept, so I opted to go with the full...brrr) I got on ebay - same rash on the neck problem.

But I also borrowed a Blue Seventy Helix farmer Jane style (sleeveless) in 2 summer sprint tris, that I loved...I would recommend either, although I like the fit of the Blue Seventy better, and I didn't seem to get the rash on the neck...

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