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Comment by blazedad on June 17, 2014 at 2:24pm
Racing for the Blazeman
I was introduced to this horrible disease briefly in medical school as Lou Gehrig's disease, the disease that prompted that great speech in Yankee Stadium. The numbers of those affected were reportedly low and the treatment options were negligible. I was then rudely reintroduced to the disease around 2005 when my wife's cousin Chris was diagnosed in his early 40's. He was dead a few years later. It turns out their grandfather likely died of the disease. Then came 2008 when I found out my high school soccer coach and Latin teacher Greg was not only suffering with the same disease, but had reached the juncture where he had to decide to either go on a ventilator, or die shortly. He chose the ventilator and continues to fight the disease at home with his family. The pulmonary physician Neal, who started him on the ventilator, a friend and medical colleague of mine from Fairview Hospital in Cleveland, was diagnosed one month prior to putting Greg on the vent. I have two more patients whom I treat currently who are also suffering. I am one person...I know of six cases of this "rare" disease.

The fact is this is not a terribly rare disease, but it is a terribly fatal disease, with no meaningful screening tests or treatments. There was a time when breast cancer was considered a deadly disease, with survival rates in the 30% range at 5 years. Those rates have climbed to approximately 85% at 5 years. AIDS, once the ruthless killer of our time, has become a chronic infectious disease when treated early and with the right medications. Diseases rarely cure themselves. Research has been very promising this past year, but research costs money. That is where you come in. Through your donation, no matter how small, studies will be started, treatments will be developed, lives will be saved. For those of you who simply cannot share with us financially, be our voice with your countless friends and associates. Share this link early and often with those you know. Undoubtedly, they will have been touched by this disease or know someone who has.

Join us as we strive to declare the first ALS survivor! Do it for the Blazeman!

Comment by blazedad on September 25, 2013 at 6:46pm
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Robert Blais “Jon felt strongly that the
multi-sport community
would play an important role
in finding, at minimum, an
effective treatment for ALS
at its early stage.”

Comment by blazedad on August 20, 2013 at 10:45pm

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