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An Athlete Comments...

Mary Ann, I heard the announcer tell the story as I rolled across the finish line. He really HONORED Jon with his words. It was an amazing moment...... And I agree with Peter. When I started this journey, I knew it was key to tell Jon's story. His story moves people like few I have ever heard. His story moved me beyond ANY I have ever heard. There would be little difference between the WAR ON…


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An Athlete's Roll...

"Athletes' roll" for...(awareness and a cure), capturing the -blazeman's spirit by "fighting the good fight" believing we can do more...and someday we will hear the words never spoken, "I Am An ALS Survivor" will be because so many have a "cause" bigger than the self..."that others may live"...G-D bless and thank you all...FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your friend, "the-blazeman", (alswarriorpoet-spirit)...and the (poets)...their families and…


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His "spirit" continues to the WarOnALS..."so others may live".

Re: Jon's story is ready to inspire... (Triathlon Inspires)..

Dear Mrs. Blais:

I want to personally thank you for all the time and patience during this process. Jon's story is now live at It is a real honor having Jon as a featured athlete at Triathlon Inspires...thank you again.

I want you to know  that you really touched my heart after reading what you wrote as part of Jon's story... "Our mission and commitment is to find a cure and…


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Commitment must be total...

Commitment Must Be Total was one of Jon's earlier slogans. We are happy to share this most recent commitment from Wake Forest Innovations regarding the hsp70 research at Wake Forest University.

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Things to be "remembered" the -blazeman runs through my mind...bdad.


Your son… emerging from the water like it’s nobody’s business but his own…focused to task like a Blais… but knowing your son the way you do, you know I’ve got some uncontrollable out of my seat, too talkative ADHD bullshit behavior going on in the back of my mind… yeah, you know it… that little league baseball shit still pissing me off after all these years…not being a coach’s…


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So Many Demands...Why Support "Team Blazeman" and the Blazeman Foundation for ALS...


In Jon's own an (alswarriorpoet-spirit)....

"Mo...chuisle"...FREEDOM!!! (In Strength, Honor and Commitment), your friend, "the-blazeman"...(alswarriorpoet-spirit).


Utilizing Blazeman's War on ALS...Multi-Sport ...…


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Why Fund ALS Research..."so others may live"

Why Fund ALS Research

The following are excerpts from our interview and an article written by and about the research done by Carol Milligan, Ph.D. Director of the ALS Center Translational Science Unit, Director at Wake Forest School of Medicine– a program funded by the Blazeman Foundation’s warriors, donors and supporters. Your donations at work!…


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Jon Blais: challenged ALS, raged against the dying of the light

Jon Blais: challenged ALS, raged against the dying of the light....

Written by Timothy Carlson

 "The most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered, but to have fought well."  -Baron de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games

With all the courageous overcomers who have been drawn to Ironman Hawaii, none have exemplified those words better than the Blazeman.…


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IMWC-2007...WTC on NBC..."Saying Goodbye to the -blazeman"..the (alswarriorpoet-spirit)...

In 2007 IMWC...NBC... WTC tribute, where they said goodbye to the -blazeman and expressed the hope that maybe someday there would be a cure and that Jon's Foundation would be involved...( to this, we are dedicated...and so we "warrior on"...through Team Blazeman...and now with you...and…


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Brandeis University...How has the ALS research community reacted to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

Our work is supported by the Blazeman Foundation for ALS, an organization that has been working for years to raise awareness of ALS and funding towards a cure. They are blown away by how powerful the ice bucket challenge has been in both educating the public and raising funds for research. Finding a cure may not be as easy as dumping an ice bucket on your head, but support for research is the first essential step…


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Dear World...2007 Competitor Award...2006..."The-blazeman's last words..."

By Blazeman Foundation for ALS, Inc. MA
Dear World:

February 3, 2007

Good evening. It's Blazeman. I believe being here tonight gave rise out from their shadows and in the footsteps of the big four. No… not in the legendary likes of “The Man”, “The Grip”, “ST”, and “The Terminator”, but in memory of four fallen ALS Warrior Poets: Scott Carlson, Donald Jarrell, Jerry Beckwith and John Paul Stermer. Before…

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"Chilling for a Cure"...Research=Meaningful Treatment=Cure..."so others may live".

For the Blazeman Foundation for ALS...G-D bless and thank you!!!

As Jon so often said..."an act of kindness is never forgotten", ...Thank you very appreciative..."chillin for a cure"...raising awareness for a meaningful treatment... and a cure...“So Others May Live®”!!!... "Mo...chuisle"...always in our hearts...ALS Poets and ALS…

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2006 Emmy Award...and the (alswarriorpoet-spirit), "the-blazeman".

The 2006 Ford Ironman World Championship broadcast, taped on location in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, on October 21, 2006, received an Emmy Award at Monday night’s 28th Annual Sports Emmy Awards Ceremony. With a fifth win in the category of Outstanding Edited Sports Special, one of the highest honors, Ironman has now captured 14 Emmy awards to date. "Ironman is full of inspirational stories, but there is one particular story I wish to share with you tonight. In 2005, an athlete suffering from ALS…


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Wake Forest University...ALS Project...Hsp70...Milligan Lab... ("and so it others may live"), -blazeman...(alswarriorpoet-spirit).

Milligan Lab Hsp70 Project Update

June 2014


Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center are looking for ways to treat the debilitating disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. In previous research, Dr. Carol Milligan and colleagues found that administration of “heat shock” proteins to mice actually delayed the onset of ALS symptoms and extended survival times. One of the most interesting results was that the loss…


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Sign up to volunteer at the Blazeman Aid Station at this year’s Inaugural Boulder IRONMAN!!

Hi all Blazeman Warriors.  I am heading up the Blazeman Foundation Aid Station at this year’s Inaugural Boulder IRONMAN, on August 3rd

If you would like to sign up please use the link below and sign up for any shift you would like.  I will be there all day and would like to have as many warriors represented as possible.

volunteers sign up at:…


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Eric Limkemann

Eric Limkemann…


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Why did Dr. Mac Robinson become a Blazeman his words...Dr. Robinson is a front line "researcher" at Wake Forest University in his words...

Researcher-Athlete...(striving for a meaningful treatment and a cure)..."so others may live".
We all face barriers. ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease is an insurmountable obstacle for those affected by the disease. ALS is the most common motor neuron disease in the U.S., but the least understood. Motor neurons talk to our muscles and that…

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Sorting Neuronal Survival Signals... "The Blazeman Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow for ALS Research, has been working to understand how these processes may go awry in ALS."

"The main goal of the current project is to understand how these survival signals are sorted into endosomes and transported within the neuron, and how mutations causing ALS alter this process."

" By understanding specifically how growth and survival signals are being diverted from their normal itinerary in diseased neurons, it will be possible to develop new therapies to…


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University of Maryland School of Medicine, (Brain and Tissue Project)...Potential Development in this Project.

The Blazeman Foundation for ALS and the NICHD Brain and Tissue Bank have joined efforts to speed research on ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

The study of post-mortem tissue from individuals with ALS is critical to finding the cause of ALS. If you have decided to become a potential tissue donor, you are encouraged to register with the NICHD Brain and Tissue…


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