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Blazeman Foundation for ALS...(Post Doctoral-Fellow)...Research...Brandeis University.

Dr. Mugdha Deshpande
Blazeman Postdoctoral Fellow for ALS Research
I graduated from Texas A&M University at College Station, Texas, with a Ph.D. in Biology. My thesis work focused on…

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"Remembering the -blazeman-Ironman's-Braveheart"

Being that the baseball season is now upon us, please allow me to share the most wonderful and uplifting comments we recieved a few years remembers Jon...thank you Mary Ann for the kindness and your inspiring words...

“I first saw your incredible story while watching the 2005 Ironman. As an avid baseball history fan I consider Lou Gehrig one of the greatest because he was likely the first to…


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Wake Forest Hsp70 research update...ALS

The Mulligan Lab is currently completing treatments of the SOD1G93A mouse model of ALS with four different doses of the Hsp70 protein and hopes to have the dose response study complete by the end of March/mid-April. With positive results (hopefully), our ALS scientists and clinicians will begin to design initial clinical trials in patients.…


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Happy New Year...what are our plans?..."Going to pick a fight with ALS"...-blazeman.

We will be in preparation to "fight another year in the WarOnALS"...the…


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How Long Is Long?...When It Is No Longer!!

"Research"..."So bench to bedside"...(BF-ALS)...ALS since 1869, there hasn’t been any significant improvement in the treatment or cure of this this "researcher's words"...then you can understand...but must "believe"...bdad. Yes, we started in the early 2000’s with cells in a dish. Actually, in 1981 if you trace back to Mike’s original study. And, after all this,…

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As the year closes down, thoughts of loved ones come to mind..."Christmas" is felt everwhere...what gifts would we all like?...what could we share that would affect many..."health and happines"...for some, the thought of a world free from ALS..."so others may and would live"...that fills our thoughts always, and we know that only by and with you is it possible..."research into this disease is key", if your thoughts are to support all kinds of endeavors in these areas...we thank…


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"What is your (echo)..."cause"...whatever, you will make a difference":.

Robert Blais... If you will allow me to add a is really what Jon spoke to in 2006, something that he discovered as he raced his own races and participated with athletes in a sport that they and he loved...when racing for a "cause", whatever it was, the race was never defined by PR...DNF...for he knew, whatever the outcome...he could not have a bad race...something bigger than himself was the purpose...thus, in 2006 when he asked the multi-sport community to join…


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"Competitor #179"...Jon Blais...IMWC...2005 and Al Trautwig.

As He is and will forever be remembered..."Competitor #179"..."the-blazeman"...(alswarriorpoet) an (alswarriorpoet-spirit)...FREEDOM!!!

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Wake Forest Research Update – Your Donation Dollars at Work! "G-D bless and Thank you".

"Believe...Pick a Stronger word than Hope...Cure", "the-blazeman", (alswarriorpoet-spirit).

Posted on September 18, 2016

An update on the…


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Brandeis University..."Research Group Makes Progress in the WarOnALS"..."fight with ALS".

A Brandeis researcher found and fixed an abnormality in flies’ nervous system, restoring their ability to crawl. Understanding what goes wrong inside nerve cells could have implications for human…


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Giant Steps Award-2008 "A Hero Amongst Us", (NCAS).

2008 Giant Steps Award – A Hero Amongst Us(NCAS)

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Progress in the fight against ALS

"The discovery represents a significant breakthrough in our understanding of what goes wrong in ALS when signals…


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Two Researchers Speak to the Essentials

Importance of ALS Tissue Donations

The BMF supports the efforts of the University of Maryland…


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A Warrior's Request..."in the good fight"..."a better word than Hope...Cure."

Greg Voudrie 's fundraising page - "Pick a Word Stronger than Hope - Cure"
Racing for an ALS Cure..."so others may live"

Would hope that you will consider donating to the Blazeman Foundation for ALS. All donations are tax deductible as this is a 501(c)3 charity. This…


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What Is Team Blazeman ?..."Warrior Athletes...with a cause and commitment"...Freedom (from ALS).

  • TEAM BLAZEMAN is a nationwide team of multi-sport warrior athletes racing for, "a cause that is bigger than themselves." -blazeman.
  • BLAZEMAN WARRIORS train and race in TEAM BLAZEMAN gear in triathlons, cycling, and running events to raise much needed funds for the Blazeman Foundation for ALS which supports, (ALS-Bench Science Research)...ALS-(Tissue Acquisition)...ALS-(Post Doctoral…

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An Athlete's Roll...

"Athletes' roll" for...(awareness and a cure), capturing the -blazeman's spirit by "fighting the good fight" believing we can do more...and someday we will hear the words never spoken, "I Am An ALS Survivor" will be because so many have a "cause" bigger than the self..."that others may live"...G-D bless and thank you all...FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your friend, "the-blazeman", (alswarriorpoet-spirit)...and the (poets)...their families and…


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":Giving Tuesday"...

"Fighting the good fight"...the -blazeman...(alswarriorpoet-spirit).
Thank you for donating to the Blazeman Foundation and supporting the War on ALS...You are Helping..."Raise Awareness-Support Research and Seek a Meaningful Treatment and Cure."

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