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"An Athletes' Request...Jon's Kona Bib #179 at the 2018 Ironman Texas"..."and the good fight" and (poet-spirit) are going to Texas.


"Ironman Texas 2018 will be my fifth Ironman, my second in the US and first in my home state. My last Ironman was in, work, getting married and having kids somehow got in the way of training and competing. I knew Jon's story back then and for me it added a new dimension of emotion to an already very emotional event. In May of 2017 the wife of a friend, Alison, lost her battle with ALS, then in December, the father of another close friend, Allen was diagnosed with ALS. It was not until these events hit so close to home that I was truly able to comprehend how devastating this evil disease is, how remarkable Jon's 2005 finish was, how important his efforts to raise awareness were and are. It would be my absolute honor to be able to race with Jon's (Kona Race # 179) in memory of Alison, and  in recognition of Allen's fight, and as a tribute to Jon and the impact he had on the sport and ALS awareness."

Thank you again for your consideration.

Very respectfully,

Part 2.....

Good Morning Karl,

Bob and I want to thank you for requesting Jon's number for your Ironman in Texas. It always warms our heart to know that athletes continue to remember and honor Jon.

We are so sorry to read that you have personally been touched by ALS...the most horrific disease still, 11 yrs after Jon's diagnosis. If you have not already please take a few minutes to visit his foundation's website...a short edited video is on the first page from the IMWC 2005. Jon's video has inspired countless athletes over the years...we just miss our son immensely.

All the research his foundation has funded through donations is also on the has been a long road and still no effective treatment at the beginning of the disease. Just understanding the disease has been a challenge.

Thanks again...feel free to call us anytime on the TF number on the website if you have any questions.

Good luck and be safe.

In Strength, Honor and Commitment,

Mary Ann and Bob
Jon's mom and dad 

Part 3....

Mr. and Mrs. Blais,

Thank you both, for giving me permission to wear Jon's number. His story is definitely one of the most inspirational, not only in triathlon, but in all of sports. I have watched the video several times. You should be so proud of what Jon accomplished.

I appreciate you letting me wear Jon's number in his memory, and for Alison and Allen. I will wear it with pride. I will definitely be in touch, at the very least to let you know how the race goes.

If there is anything at all that you need from me, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Thank you again, very much.
Very respectfully,

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