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Believe...Pick a stronger word than Hope...Cure.

How Long Is Long?...When It Is No Longer!!

"Research"..."So bench to bedside"...(BF-ALS)...ALS since 1869, there hasn’t been any significant improvement in the treatment or cure of this this "researcher's words"...then you can understand...but must "believe"...bdad. Yes, we started in the early 2000’s with cells in a dish. Actually, in 1981 if you trace back to Mike’s original study. And, after all this, there is still no guarantee that it will work. This is really the hard part. When I start to think about how much we have done, and how much we have to still do- and how much it is going to cost- it is unnerving. No one else is doing this. But it’s times like this when I go look at the Blazeman Website ; ("Decision must be instant- Commitment must be total.")..."the-blazeman", (alswarriorpoet-spirit)...IM Finisher 2005

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