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Believe...Pick a stronger word than Hope...Cure.

Why did Dr. Mac Robinson become a Blazeman his words...Dr. Robinson is a front line "researcher" at Wake Forest University in his words...

Researcher-Athlete...(striving for a meaningful treatment and a cure)..."so others may live".
We all face barriers. ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease is an insurmountable obstacle for those affected by the disease. ALS is the most common motor neuron disease in the U.S., but the least understood. Motor neurons talk to our muscles and that connection enables us to move and breath. In ALS patients, these connection are lost, motor neurons die and muscles are no longer able to move. ALS patients become paralyzed and typically die due to the inability to breathe, in 3 to 5 years. Although the medical community has known about this disease for over 100 years and there is NO CURE and NO EFFECTIVE TREATMENT. Finding effective treatments and a cure will require tearing down some barriers. They are: 1) Most cases of ALS have no known cause and we don’t know enough about how this disease works. 2) ALS is hard to diagnose. 3) Current ALS treatments are unable to effectively slow progression or stop the disease. How do knock down these barriers to find a cure? YOU ARE THE KEY! By lending your support and giving to the War on ALS, you are swinging your hammer to help knock down these barriers. You are helping to keep doctors and scientists working on projects that can unravel the mysteries of this disease. Whether you have known someone with ALS or not, I encourage you to do this…… help us knock down the obstacles preventing us from finding a treatment. Why did I choose to become a Blazeman Warrior? I have always watched the Ironman Triathlons since I was kid and thought, “man these guys are awesome!” I still do. Being someone who has played sports and been into fitness in one way or another all my life I could appreciate, on some level, what these athletes went through to train for these events. A while back I got a crazy hair to sign up for a triathlon. I don’t know why, but maybe that itch to always try one finally burst through. Sometimes we all need to do something that is new and different to potentiate our growth as people. Our laboratory has received funding from the Blazeman Foundation, so I know the story of Jon Blais well. I read his story and watched TV clips. It was beyond inspiring and I wanted to do more. So I decided to compete for the Blazeman Foundation. Let’s face it, at 41, I am not planning on winning anything, but if I was going to do it, I decided I would do it for a cause. There are many causes out there, but this cause speaks to me more than any. As someone who loves to be active, the thought of me or one my friends or family members being robbed of that is frightening. For the Blais family, the thought of watching their son battle this is heartbreaking. As a person, I cannot sit and not pound the war drum. We need to fight and we need to fight on all fronts. So I am taking it to the streets in support of ALS awareness and research. I am competing so that others, one day, will survive this disease. Please support me in this fight.

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FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -blazeman, (alswarriorpoet-spirit).

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